Why hello there! Did you know that Poker Is A Skill has a YouTube channel now? Well…we do. I’m Paul Christopher Hoppe AKA GiantBuddha, AKA Zen Madman, founder, author, and video producer of Poker Is A Skill. On YouTube, you’ll find our free instructional poker videos.

I’ll be making some videos about fundamentals and theory, as well as tons of individual hand reviews – sort of bite-sized strategy tidbits. I’ll also be posting full sessions after streaming them live on twitch. Finally, we’ll have some micro videos explaining basic poker terminology, as well as audio excerpts from our books.

So sit back, click around, buckle down, do whatever you do, and enjoy some free educational and hopefully entertaining poker programming. If you like what you see, please subscribe, give us a thumbs up, follow us on twitter, visit our website, and buy our books or whatever.